Skill level 1-10, what is that?

Skill level 1-10 is a scale used to indicate a person's experience and proficiency in a specific sport. Using this scale simplifies communication, especially during competitions, to ensure fairness by matching participants at suitable levels.

The following skill levels are available:

  1. No experience Completely new to the sport, no prior knowledge or skills.

  2. Beginner Limited understanding of the rules and basic movements.

  3. Novice Some familiarity with the sport, can perform basic actions with some guidance.

  4. Intermediate Understands the rules and techniques better, can play with moderate skill.

  5. Proficient Competent in the sport, can play without significant errors.

  6. Advanced Demonstrates above-average skills, understands strategies and tactics.

  7. Skilled Capable of consistently performing at a high level, understands the nuances of the game.

  8. Experienced Has substantial experience in competitive play, can adapt to different situations.

  9. Elite Highly skilled and accomplished, capable of performing at a professional level.

  10. Expert Among the best in the sport, possesses exceptional knowledge and skill, may be a professional athlete or coach.

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