Creating a league is free. All the functionality are available and 50 results are included that can be registered without cost or entering payment details. After 50 registered results, you must start a subscription to be able to register more results. A subscription has a flat fee of EUR 3.90 per month. This includes 26 results to register. Everything beyond this costs EUR 0.15 per registered result.

All prices in this text are in EURO and exclude VAT. Other domains can have other currencies, but the costs are equivalent.

For example, if 16 results are registered during a month, it costs EUR 3.90 (16 * 0.15 = 2.40 => 3.90). If 30 results are registered the next month, it costs EUR 4.50 (30 * 0.15 = 4.50).

The subscription is automatically paid monthly by card and can be canceled at any time, but ends at the end of the period. For example, if you start a subscription on March 4th and end it on March 18th, the subscription will continue until April 4th. Subscription and payments are handled by the well-known operator Stripe.

If it is not possible to card payments, it is also possible to get an invoice to pay in advance. The amount is then instead deducted monthly from the prepaid balance.

The subscription applies per "club" and monthly. Each league belongs to a club and a club can be seen as a holder for a collection of leagues, one or more. So if you register one result in one league and another result in another league, it counts as two registered results in the club.

Every time you register a result, it counts as a registration, even if you later delete the result. However, the same registration is not counted again if you register the result one more time. This applies as long as the match ID is the same. Should you therefore change the line-up in any way so that the matches get a new ID, it will count as a new match, even if the opponents are the same as before.

Only club administrators can access club details and manage the subscription. There are also league administrators, but with that permission you cannot manage club information and subscriptions.

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