Version 23.09

Add qualifying marks

In this update, we have added that the posibility to add qualifying marks. This is shown as dashed lines in the table and are visual marks only.

To enter a qualifying mark, there are two new fields in Division settings. Qualify up and Qualify down. As a default, these fields are set to 0, and then the qualifying marks are not displayed. If you enter 1, it means that the selection is displayed 1 place before or after the mark for "Move down" or "Move up". If "Move up" is 1 and "Qualify up" is 1, then the move up mark is shown after the first place, and the qualification up mark is shown after the second place in the table.

Move up mark from division 1

Previously, it was not possible to show a "move up" mark in division 1. However, as requested, we have now opened up for this.

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