Pyramid Box Leagues

With a pyramid box league, you can have several divisions at the same level. Where everyone on that level goes up to a division on the level above.

The disadvantage of a straight box league where you have to get through all the divisions, is that it can take a long time to get to your correct level, if you have to start from the bottom. With a pyramid box league, you do not have to get through all the divisions, but instead go between levels.

If you take an example with 6 divisions, where each division takes 1 month to play, you need at least 6 months in a straight box league to win the top division. With the same number of competitors in a pyramid box league, according to the image below, you only need 3 months.

Turn on and adjust pyramid box leagues

You can turn on the pyramid box league at Settings / Table settings in the Control Panel.

Under the menu Manage tables, you will then get a new column "Parent". In that column you can see which division is the parent division. That is, in which division you should end up if you go up one level from current division.

To change this, click on the cog wheel to manage the division.

If you end up below the relegation line, you fall down to one of the divisions where the current division is specified as the parent. So, say that Division 1 is listed as a parent in both division 2 and division 3. Those who fall down from division 1 then end up in these, evenly distributed. One in division 2 and the other in division 3.

It is possible to rename the divisions if you want them to be called something other than Division 1, 2 and 3, for example. In pyramid group box leagues, it may be that you want it to be called Division 1, 2a and 2b instead according to the image below.

To change the name of a division, click on the cog wheel and enter the name in Custom name.

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