Version 20.01

  • Rotating Partners (Americano) [Beta]

  • Updated scheduling

  • New look when reporting results

  • New look when booking match

  • Round countdown

  • Swap time and location between matches

  • Subscribe to calendar feed

  • Norwegian translation

  • Increased fee to 20 Lira

Rotating Partners (Americano) [Beta]

This is a popular match system, especially in Padel. That means signing up to a league as a lone player, but playing their matches in teams - double. For each match you rotate so that everyone is assigned a new partner and then of course new opponents. Traditionally, this is played as a tournament. But now it is also possible to play this game as a box league. So those players with the highest score go up a division and those with the lowest score roll down.

The match system is perfect if you want to get to know new people or network. For example, start a corporate league and play with all the players in your division and get to know all of them. The system can handle any number of players per division. But you have to be at least 4 and some numbers are not evenly distributed. This applies to the number of the formula 4x + 3. That is, 7, 11, 15, 19 and so on.

To set this up, you just create a new league as usual but choose team type Rotating partners.

Note that it is a Beta version and may need to be trimmed a bit before it works perfectly. But the important pieces are in place.

Updated scheduling

The process for generating the match schedule is completely rebuilt. But there should be no major differences in functionality for the user. There is a new setting - "Only one match per week and participant". It is normally marked and means that each participant (player or team) may only play one match per week. If you uncheck this, you are allowed to play several matches per week.

New look when reporting results

The result registration has got a new look and some new functionality. We have reduced the number of dropdown lists and replaced the reporting of, for example, game results with buttons to simplify. Especially for mobile users. Hopefully this will both clarify and speed up reporting.

New look when booking match

The look and feel are similar to result registration. A new thing for both of them, is that when you choose which match you want to handle, you choose with buttons to make it easier for mobile users.

Round countdown

One minor detail is that for each round, there is a countdown timer that tells you how much time it is left of the round.

Swap time and location between matches

One feature that probably many administrators will like, is the ability to swap time and location between matches. You simply choose the match you want to change time from and then you choose which one you want to change to. The time and location between these matches are swapped, without the risk of entering wrong values. A calendar update is also sent out as usual.

Subscribe to calendar feed

Unlike the regular calendar booking in the system where each booking, update or cancellation is sent via an email message (as attachment). So this is an alternative to those where the administrator has turned this functionality off or those who cannot have it of some reason. With this, you subscribe to a so-called calendar feed. This means that as soon as a change is made to the game schedule, it changes in your calendar. The disadvantage of this option is that you are not notified in the same way about changes, and that each update can take up to a day before it is synchronized.

You will find the link to the calendar feed at the bottom of "My Schedule".

Norwegian translation

A big thank you to Lars Oraug Lottrup in Askim, who volunteered to the task of translating large parts of into Norwegian. Kjempeflott!

You set the language you want under the menu "My settings".

Increased fee to 20 Lira

The honeymoon is over. Now it will be a little tougher to have a positive cash flow in the system's internal currency. Lira has nothing to do with real money. There is only for you to buy or pay for things in the system. Right now you can purchase a feature to see your sending messages and delivery status on them. More to come.

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