Turn up as a single player, but play doubles and rotate partners after each match.

Americano is a popular form of game, especially in padel. But it works just as well in other team sports where you play doubles, such as tennis or badminton. Americano can be played both as a tournament, for example for a day, or as a regular round robin box league that lasts for several weeks, where you move up or down based on your results.

The setup is such that you turn up as the single player in a competition, but are drawn with other players and put together into a team. For each match, all players rotate so that new teams are constantly formed. The points that the team gets in their match, goes to the players in the team. If a team gets 5 points in a match, both players get 5 points each.

When the competition is over, all players have played the same number of matches and received different points. The one player who has received the most points is the winner. Alternative move up a division, if it is a round robin tournament.

If you play Americano regularly, you do not have to create a completely new league every time. You can reuse everything you have done by just setting up a new competition in the same league.

Number of players

There is support for from 4 to 60 players, per division. If there is a need for more than 60, you can divide it into several divisions. But the normal number of players is about 4 to 12 players per group.

Whatever number of players you choose, each player will play the same number of matches. Most times, it is best to choose a number that you can evenly divide by 4. Then each player plays every round, and no one needs to pass. In addition, all players will play with all other players exactly 1 time, and against all other players exactly 2 times. The same applies with 1 more player (5, 9, 13 ...) but then all players will skip one turn. For all the other number of players, each player does not play with or against all other players. But the number of matches is the same for everyone.

The following applies when selecting the number of players.


Matches per player


4x (ex 4, 8, 12)



4x+1 (ex 5, 9, 13)



4x+2 (ex 6, 10, 14)



4x+3 (ex 7, 11, 15)



In the table above, x stands for a value. So if x is 2 then 4x = 8 and 4x + 2 = 10.

Scoring system

You can basically choose which scoring system you want for an Americano. It depends more on the circumstances, such as how much time is available for each match. If you arrange a round robin tournament that extends over several weeks where each match is 90 minutes long. Then you want to choose a system that takes quite a long time to play. Read more at Scoreing system for some examples. If you organize a tournament where the whole game should be over in a few hours, then every match should go pretty fast. Many then choose, for example, a match of 32 rallies. Each rally gives 1 point. It can be anything from 32-0 to 16-16 in a match. Alternatively, you play by time limit to get control of how long the matches will be. You can try the system Relative total points where you play the time and get points as a percentage of the number of rallies you win. For example, if you play for 10 points and the match ends 15-10, the score is awarded 6-4.

Create a league

You create an Americano in 3 steps.

Step 1: Enter club information

A club can be a sport center. But it can be any kind of group. The important thing to keep in mind is that all the leagues you create is under the same "club". The web address is the link you want for you club and leagues, for example

Step 2: Enter league information

You have to select Rotating Partners (Americano) when selecting the match type. Another thing that must be entered is the league's title, which sport it is and also if it is a public or private league.

Step 3: Scoring system

In step 3, you get to choose from different templates for a scoring systems, which do a lot of the work for you. It is also possible not to choose a template if you have some very special wishes. Otherwise, it is best to choose the template that is closest and then change it. In this example, we select Quick Match to 32 as the template for a tournament.

After this step, the league is ready! We then move over to the Control Panel to add players.

Add players

In the top menu you can choose Add player with the possibility to enter more information. But the fastest way is to select Add multiple players.

Add the players with an email address and name, with a comma in between. Email address is not mandatory. But if you add it, you will enable the following:

  • Players can receive calendar bookings and reminders

  • The player can log in and register results

  • Players can contact each other through the system

  • Players gets an individual rating

  • Players can change profile picture and settings

  • If the players already have an account, this is linked and all statistics are collected in one single place

Create tables

At the Manage tables menu, select checkbox to select all the available players. Then choose move selected to: Division 1 to add them to the first (and only so far) division.

After you have added the players to the division you have created the match schedule, but without fixed time. If you want to add it you can by clicking the Add button. Also look at the section Generate schedule if you would like to add a fixed time for all the matches at the same time.


You can also go through the Settings menu and see if there is something you would like to change before you publish. There you can choose what kind of emails and bookings that will be sent.


As the final step you click on the Round 1 menu and check the dates for the round/competition. You can change the dates at the function menu Modify round / Modify dates.

After that you can publish the round and you are ready to play!

If you would like to see the players page with the tables, click on the box icon with an arrow up right, close to the league title at the top.

Next competition

If the setup is the same at the next competition, you can reuse what you have done and just add a new round. The players or the number of players do not have to be the same. You can change this for each competition.

In the top menu, just add a new round and then continue to Manage tables as for the first round. If you want existing players to be moved to a new division according to the up and down lines, just click on the green button "Move automatically". Otherwise you can move the players to where they belong manually.

Do you need help?

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