Version 20.02

  • Manage team members (change and remove)

  • More clearly see that you are in queue, and leave queue

  • Updated Americano formula

  • as an app (ish)

Manage team members

Now as a team leader you can do more than just add players. You can also change roles, remove players or change team leaders. Read more in the FAQ How do I manage players in a team?

More clearly see that you are in queue, and leave queue

When you apply to join a league you can now see that you are in queu. You can also leave the queue if you no longer want to stay. Note that if you are playing in a team, it is the team that leaves the queue.

When someone leaves the queue, an email is sent to the league's administrators.

Updated Americano formula

After input from users, we have updated the formula for generating Americano match schedules. The game form where you compete as an individual player but play double, with a new partner every match.

After the update, you will play with all players 1 time, and have all players as opponents 2 times. This is true for 4n and 4n + 1 players (4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13 etc).

There is support for 4 - 60 players in each division. With unlimited number of divisions. But normally you play with 4, 8 or 16 players in each division. as an app (ish)

If using the App means you can quickly tap an icon on the home screen and get directly into full screen mode to your player profile page. Then you have it, if you have iPhone (> iOS 13) or Android.

Read more about how to install the app.

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