Version 22.09

The icons are back!

Previously, for performance reasons, we had to temporarily remove icons that were displayed in the table, on certain achievements. For example, if you won 5 matches in a row, a fire was shown. Or if you won the previous round, you got a trophy.

Now these long-awaited icons have returned, with a twist! Nowadays, when you as a player or you as a team get a trophy, you get to keep it. You can therefore see your won trophies on the league's player or team page.

Log in to apply

We have changed the way you apply to a league to avoid misunderstandings. Previously, you could create a player account and apply to a league at the same time. But this sometimes led to error messages if you already had an account and hadn't logged in.

So now you always have to first create an account or log in before you apply. We believe that this will be a better flow.

Create account quickly with Facebook

If users have a Facebook account, it is now possible to create an account at the touch of a button. If you then allow, name, email address and profile picture are retrieved. In addition, you can later also log in without a password through Facebook.

In addition to that, you can now also log in through Facebook without having previously connected your Facebook account to the login (this is done under My settings by the way). As long as the email address in League.Systems and the email address in Facebook are the same, you will be logged in.

New email setting - "Promotions and offers"

Under My Settings and Email Settings there is now an option for "Promotions and Offers".

We have refined the Newsletter to only contain news. Then we will instead send various relevant offers to those who accept this by having "Promotions and offers" switched on.

We will only send what we believe are relevant offers. For example, it can be cheaper rackets or balls.


Update club information / manage administrators

A new "Club Settings" page has been added where the club administrator can update the "club" information. For example, phone number, email address, website or time zone.

It is now also possible to add and remove administrators, and to handle their permissions.

To access this page, you must be a Club administrator. A Club administrator has access to everything. In addition to being a Club administrator, you can be a League administrator, who only has access to selected leagues.

Sort tables

Many tables can now be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the header.

Limit bookings

If players are allowed to change their bookings, we have now introduced two additional restrictions that can be set. This is done under Settings / Permissions.

Limit with time

You can now set that you will not be able to cancel a booking a certain number of hours before the game.

Limit by number

It is now possible to set the number of cancellations that each player or team can make per round. The system thus keeps count and prevents rebooking or cancellation if the number is reached.

Performance improvements

We have significantly improved the performance when it comes to managing bookings in the control panel. Especially when you publish a match schedule, or if you cancel many matches at the same time.


In addition to the main points above, we have of course made several bug fixes and improvements.

We have also expanded our domains for other countries. We have added which is translated into French. We have also added and will soon translate to Spanish. In addition, we have a new domain which is the global domain in English. This will replace today's

Our current domains

  • (English)

  • (Swedish)

  • (Norwegian)

  • (Danish)

  • (Finnish)

  • (French)

  • (Spanish - coming soon)

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