Version 24.04

Skill level 1-10

We've introduced a new concept, Skill Level, to simplify communication about someone's skill level, especially during competitions.

All skill levels are listed here:

pageSkill level 1-10, what is that?

Improved team management during application

We've modified the process for adding members to a team during team application for easier management. Now, during the application, you can choose between regular or substitute members.

Additionally, there's a new field for Estimated Skill Level as mentioned above.

Application settings

Now it's possible to customize how the application process works. Previously, it was only possible with an internal application form. But now we've introduced the flexibility to use an external link instead, or even opt out of the application altogether. This way, you can tailor the application process to your needs and preferences.

New feature: Custom Fields

Our new custom fields feature gives you the flexibility to organize and manage your players and teams in a tailored manner. You can specify details such as whether players are right-handed or left-handed, if they've paid for the latest tournament, and more. The choice is entirely yours.

There are four different types of fields you can add:

  • Text

  • Select (a list where you choose the content)

  • Yes/No (a list with fixed values yes or no)

  • Payment (a field for payments)

You can also specify whether all of your leagues should have access to the fields or only certain ones.

Manage columns with Table Settings

A new feature has been added for team and player tables: the ability to choose which columns are displayed, including custom columns from Custom Fields.

Email list for teams

Previously, you could only create an email list from the player table. Now, there's also the option to do it from the team table.

Improved filtering in tables

The search function has been made more efficient, allowing you to search for 'empty fields' or 'non-empty fields.' Additionally, custom fields can now be included in the search.

Previously, when filtering in the team and player tables, you had to redo the search after clicking on a player, for example. Now, the table remembers the filtering so you don't have to redo it for each player.

More languages!

We've added support for Spanish and Italian on the player side of the system.

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