Version 21.01

February 2021

This version is loaded with new features for both players and administrators. Below is a list of those that are worth noting.

Faster table pages and tables that updates automatically

The table pages have been made faster so that it does not load so long before it is displayed. In addition, the tables update themselves while you look at them when new results are registered or removed.

This can be good if you want to open the table page in full screen mode, to view on a large screen or on a tablet during a competition.

Select available times

For those who have the booking method Available times, these times are now displayed on the Start page so that it is easier to see what is available and also choose for booking.

Available times are the booking method where you add extra available times in a pool. Players can then freely rebook from this pool and their old times will be available for someone else to book. When the times approach the booked time, you can, if you want to, get an email notification about that it is time to cancel the booking. There is now also an integration with the Matchi booking system to automatically cancel the booking.

Read more about Available times Booking methods.

Merge available time with sibling leagues

Available times are, as described above, a pool of unbooked times that players can choose from. Previously, if you had two leagues, you needed to have two different pools, one for each league.

Now you can let the players choose freely among available times, no matter which league it is. Multiple leagues can in that way have access to the same pool, and there choose from all the available times.

Randomize levels for pyramid box leagues

When you use pyramid box leagues to divide the groups or boxes into different branches, for example 2a and 2b. Then sometimes the players do not mix well between the different branches, and the skill level on the different levels can differ greatly.

To mix the players up some more, you can now randomize the levels. This means that if you go up from 3b, it is not certain that you go up to 2b, you can just as easily end up in 2a.

Read more about Pyramid box leagues.

Select scoring system templates in the Control Panel

When setting up the league for the first time, it is then possible to choose a template for the scoring system. If you did not choose a template, it has not been possible to select it at a later stage. But now you can choose from the templates also inside the Control Panel under Settings / Choose scoring system template.

It is already possible to copy the scoring system from other leagues to which you have permission to. This can for example be useful if you create a new league and want the same scoring system as a previous one.

New way to add results and bookings in the Control Panel

Previously, there was a separate menu for adding Results or Booked Matches. This is nog done on the same page as the table where results or bookings are displayed. In addition, you can now add both results and bookings under the Match Schedule menu. So to add a result, you now click more on Results / Registered results. As usual, all previously reported results are displayed there. To add a new result, you can click on the menu at the top right in the table Functions / Register results. Alternatively directly on the plus sign.

Remove multiple results

It is now possible to select multiple results and bookings and delete them all at the same time.

Reduce reliability over time

All rated players have either low, some or high reliability depending on how many results have been reported in the past year. The problem that existed before was that if someone with a high level of reliability stopped playing completely, the reliability did not decrease. Now this is followed up continuously so that the reliability decreases over time.

Notification when new results are registered

If you are in the system when a result is registered in the league you are watching, or in a league you are participating; then a notification is displayed in the lower right corner and then disappears after a few seconds.

Smaller changes

  • Shrink menu on mobile to show more of the screen

  • New sport Beach volleyball

  • Improved management for merging player accounts

  • Upload logo in transparent png format

  • Confirm before the round is published

  • Possibility to unpublish rounds

  • Possibility to delete leagues

  • Show sibling leagues in the player menu

  • Template for Americano to 24

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