Version 20.06

Book friendly game

It has previously been possible to register friendly game results. Now it is also possible to book the match.

With a booked friendly game, you will automatically receive a calendar booking, as well as a reminder at least 6 hours before the match. This is a good way to reduce the risk of misunderstandings. There is nothing more boring than to be ready on the court, but without an opponent.

When the match has been played and the result is to be registered, then most of the information is already filled in. This makes it super easy to register the result.

You can booking a friendly game by going to your profile page via, or via the "app". At the Book Match menu, you can then select Friendly game. There you add all players in each team, and enter the time that is booked. If it's a team sport, you just add more players through the plus sign icon.

Please note that the actual booking of the court is made through the respective facility's booking system.

Similar rating

For each player who has entered an active city and has a rating score, you can see players with similar rating in the same area. If you click on Show more, you will get to the ranking list for the current area.

Updated team ID's

We have made a fundamental change in the system which means that all teams have got new IDs. This does not matter much if you click through the system. But if there are old links, for example in emails, they lead you to a page saying that the team does not exists.

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