Version 23.07

Enter exact participants in a match

If a team has more players in the team than are needed to perform a match, you can now choose which players actually played. The team can, for example, have stand-by players who plays only occationally. Or you can rotate among multiple players to make it easier to arrange the matches..

Previously, when a result was recorded, all players on the team were considered participants in the matches. This meant that even the players who did not actually play in the match were still included in the statistics and had their ratings affected.

So, what's new is that you now have the option to choose which players will participate in or have participated in a match. When you book a match, you can already specify the players who will be playing. If you happen to know the line-up of the opposing team, you can also make changes accordingly. However, the other team can also make changes to their line-up later on. It's important to note that modifying the participants in a booking does not trigger an email update. However, if any other changes are made to the booking itself, an email notification will be sent out, provided the administrator has enabled this feature. These emails will still be sent to all team members, including those who are not going to play.

When initially creating a match, all regular players are automatically listed as participants. However, if there are more regular players available than needed to play the match, it is necessary to manually remove those who will not be participating. Failing to do so would imply that everyone has played in the match, even if that may not be feasible or accurate.

However, what is different from before is that reserves are no longer automatically included as participants unless you specifically mention that a reserve player will be participating. In other words, reserves are not considered as default participants unless their active involvement in the match is explicitly indicated.

You are not required to specify participants when making a booking. It is also an option to specify participants only when registering the result. However, depending on the person registering, it can be challenging to determine the exact participants on the opposing team. In such cases, it is more convenient if each individual declares their participation prior to the match.

If you have registered a result with the wrong participant and wish to make a change, you will need to delete the existing result and register it again with the correct participant.

Coming improvements

We have exercised caution in implementing extensive features for this aspect at the moment. We believe it is wise to proceed cautiously, observe its usage, and make improvements accordingly. Here are some aspects intentionally deferred for future enhancements:

Booking permission is missing

If the league administrator has not granted permission to modify bookings, it will also prevent participants from being specified in advance since this action is performed on the booking page. However, it is still possible to specify participants at a later stage when registering the result.

Administrators cannot specify participants

We have postponed the implementation of the feature that allows the administrator to manage participants in individual matches. Our priority has been to release an initial version promptly. Nevertheless, if neither the player nor the administrator is concerned about managing participants, the system will continue to function almost as before this change.

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