Version 23.04

Manage number of meetings per division

Starting with this version, you can specify the number of meetings per division. It is therefore possible, for example, to have only 1 meeting in Division 1, but 2 meetings in Division 2.

In the division list, a new heading has been added, Number of meetings. This simply shows how many times players or teams will meet.

To manage the division, you click on the gear wheel, which opens a dialog window.

Custom name

Specify if you want the division to be named something special. Leave blank if you want it to be called, for example, "Division 1".


Appears only if you have turned on Pyramid box league. Choose which parent the current division should have. For example, if you have 3 divisions, you might want both Division 2 and 3 to have Division 1 as a parent. Players who then move up from Division 3 goes directly up to Division 1.

Move up

Specifies how many players will move up from this division. Appears, among other things, as a green line in the players' tables.

Move down

Specifies how many players will move down from this division. Appears, among other things, as a red line in the players' tables.

Number of meetings

Specifies how many times the players or teams will meet in this division.

Default values

You could find these fields earlier in the Settings menu. But we have made it a little clearer that it is about default values. So not something that gives any changes immediately, but is used later.

For example, nothing happens in any division if you change Move up in the settings. However, when you create a new division, that value is used as a default value in how many should go up in that division. This can of course be changed after the division is created.

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