Booking methods

When choosing a booking method, you choose in which way players will be able to reschedule the match times themselves. But first you need to allow the players to reschedule at Settings / Permissions / Change booked matches.

If the players should be to reschedule their match times themselves, there are two choices. Free choice or Available times.

Booking method

With Free Choice, players can book and reschedule the match time with the help of a calendar where they can choose any day and time. The players then need to make sure to also book this time in the current booking system.

If you select Available times, players can only choose from a list of available times. These times should be pre-booked in the booking system and added by the administrator as available extra times in the system. If a player changes a match time to a available time in the list, the previous time will then be available for other participants to choose.

Release available times

The idea is that these available times are also booked in the booking system so that they are available for the participants to choose among. But if the available time is still available som hours before, you probably want the time to be released to the public, so that someone else can book it instead.

Release hours before

Here you set how many hours before you want the available time to be removed, so that players can no longer choose that time.

Action on release

When an available time is removed from the system, you can choose to also take other actions. What you can choose from at the moment is Do nothing, Send email or Cancel in Matchi.

If you select Send email, an email will be sent to a specified address as soon as available times are removed. This is a signal that you can manually cancel the time in your booking system so that someone else can book the time.

If you have Matchi as your booking system, you can also select Cancel in Matchi. This requires that you get a cancellation code from Matchi to the account from which the times are booked in Matchi. If you enter this, the times are automatically canceled in Matchi at the same time as they are removed from the system. In this way, you can book many extra times for the league without having to worry about the times not being used. NOTE. This option is currently being tested by a number of selected clubs.

Create available times

It is possible to create available times in the same way as the usual booked matches. Either by generating the entire booking schedule, or by setting them up manually. Please note that in order to create free times, you must have chosen the booking method Available times.

Generate available times

When you generate your bookings for the match schedule, you can either just enter a few extra recurring times to get an abundance of times. Or you can with advantage reserve the time to No division to have more control over exactly which times become extra available times.

Add available times manually

You can also add available times manually before, or during the ongoing round by Add booking. Then select that it is a available time and then enter only the date and place.

Show available times

Under the menu Available times, you see all upcoming available times that players have to choose from. You can also remove a available time here. But do note that if you delete a available time manually, this will not trigger any action. No email is sent or time canceled in the booking system.

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