What is Lira?

Lira is a currency used on League.Systems (and other domains). Each player starts with 100 Lira, which is awarded when you log in the first time.
As a user of League-Systems.com you pay a fee of 10 Lira a month.
You earn new Lira by playing and winning matches. 10 Lira for a played match and 2 Lira for a win. A Walk Over or No Show does not count as a played match and therefore does not give any Lira to any of the players for the match. But the "winner", however, gets 2 Lira.
There is no difference between a friendly game and league game when it comes to Lira. Therefore, registering your friendly games can be a way to earn extra Lira.
In Swedish, Lira is also slang for "play". Hence the choice of currency name.